A letter for the climate

“As you begin your presidency” environmentalists write to Donald Trump, “we would like to remind you that American citizens, before all else, are men, women and children whose health and welfare depend on the condition of our Planet….. For this reason, as we wish you a successful mandate, in matters concerning our global environment, we beg you to please surprise us, President Trump!”

The plea for the Planet of the environmentalist movement in Italy is aimed at environmentalists around the world:

“For this reason we ‘ve constructed a website in English and italian with a letter to President Trump available also in Spanish, “ says Oliviero Sorbini, the creator of the campaign. “It is our hope that the organizations that have endorsed our initiative, will reach out to as many countries as possible.”

“Our objective, “ Sorbini continues “is to focus attention on climate and environmental policies coming from the the United States. The declarations that Mr Trump made as President-Elect are alarming. We feel it is important that this letter, a plea for the health of the Planet, originate in Italy, a country with a rich bio-diversity, with a cultural and environmental patrimony unequaled in the world, put at serious risk by climate change”

“The tone and the objectives of the project,” adds Marco Gisotti, one of the promoters of the campaign “are respectful and positive, to impact media, national and international, in a positive, non-offensive manner. It is not by chance that there are no references to the Cabinet nominations made by Mr Trump, but only to the opinions he himself expressed.”

To mail their letters, “Surprise Us, President Trump!”, Italian environmental organizations will meet a few hours before the actual inauguration in Washington DC, due to the different time zones. At 11 am, in Rome, on Friday january 20, 2017 in Piazza Barberini, the official Mailing Ceremony will take place.

Afterwards a delegation will be welcomed at the US Embassy to deliver the “first copy” of the letter to the new Ambassador, signed by the Presidents of the affiliated Associations.

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“Surprise Us, Presidente Trump!” ora dopo ora continua a raccogliere adesioni. Giovedì 19, in apertura di giornata, sono queste le organizzazioni che, in ordine di arrivo, hanno sottoscritto la lettera: Accademia Kronos – Lipu – Legambiente – Wwf Italia – Earthday Italia – Fondazione Univerde / Obiettivo Terra – Focsiv – Fipsas – Anpana – Gruppo Intervento Giuridico – Rangers Italia – Climalteranti – Marevivo – Italian Climate Network – Climazione – Giornalisti nell’Erba – Fima (Federazione italiana media ambientali) – Greenaccord – Kyoto Club – Isde Italia – Legambiente Terracina – Konrad – Fare Verde – Vivere Da Sportivi – Pentapolis – PEFC – Trio onlus, ambiente e salute – Giga – Press Play.

Allo stesso modo fra i personaggi che sostengono la Campagna, al comitato promotore formato da Oliviero Sorbini, Vincenzo Ferrara, Grazia Francescato, Marco Gisotti, Marco Lion e Regina Susan Valletta si sono aggiunti i nomi di prestigiosi rappresentanti del mondo scientifico ed ecologista italiano: Fulco Pratesi, Luca Mercalli, Mario Tozzi, Chiara Tonelli, Valerio Rossi Albertini, Tessa Gelisio, Gianni Silvestrini, Veronica Caciagli, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Stefano Caserini, Matteo Reale, Massimo De Maio, Mario Salomone, Pinuccia Montanari, assessore all’Ambiente del Comune di Roma, e Serena Pellegrino, Vicepresidente della Commissione Ambiente alla Camera dei Deputati.

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