Appointment in Piazza Barberini

The most prestigious environmental associations in Italy have underwritten the initiative “Surprise us, President Trump!” on the occasion of the inauguration of the new president of the United States. The initiative was conceived as a reaction to Mr Trump’s declarations during the campaign and as President Elect regarding the environment. His declarations, put into action, would push the endeavors of the international community back decades.

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One thought on “Appointment in Piazza Barberini

  1. Regina Valletta

    We would like to thank all those who joined us in Piazza Barberini on January 20.
    And the hundreds of supporters who have signed the letter online.

    We have chosen a form of “polite protest”. Nonetheless, we want our voices to be heard.
    If shouting and insults are not your style, this is a perfect way to express your very legitimate concerns.

    Add your name to the list of supporters.


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